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  • Q:What is the benefit of holding this membership?
    A: Member card fee is added to your account and you can use it in your first purchase. After you have joined either prime membership, you can get VIP/VVIP discount. We aimed to help you save more :)

    Eg: Customer X purchased PRIME 250, her HWOOFIT account will have store credit RM250 which is fully usable + Lifetime 10% discount on any purchase.

  • Q: What is the expiry date?
    A: HWOOFIT offer lifetime membership with no expiry date.

  • Q: How to use the member card after purchase?
    A: Once you have purchased the membership, credit will be immediately added to your account and our customer service will inform you via whatsapp/email. After that, you can start to enjoy the member privilege on our website. (log in is required)

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