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Premium Rubber Yoga Mat [Free Bag]

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 Design for Yoga

These premium rubber yoga mats are made of a unique blend of polyurethane and latex which creates an extremely grippy mat no matter how much you sweat. The thick base provides a sturdy support for your hands, feet and back. An antimicrobial additive helps prevent mould and mildew on the mat

 Moisture-absorbing, Natural Rubber

  • Polyurethane
  • Extra cushioning for hips, knees, and floor poses.
  • A polyurethane top layer absorbs moisture to help you get a grip during sweaty practices
  • Thick base layer, Sturdy, Natural non-slip properties


  • Length: 183cm. Width: 68cm. Thickness: 0.5cm
  • Weight: 3kg

 Product Care

  • Clean this mat after practice with warm soapy water and hang it to dry
  • This mat will have a slight smell that will fade over time (we suggest you roll it out and air it out before you head to the class)

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