Your Boobs May Look Great, But Underwire Bras Are Bad For Your Health

Your Boobs May Look Great, But Underwire Bras Are Bad For Your Health

Yes, it’s true that underwire bras will not cause cancer, but that does not mean that they don’t pose any problems at all. So, even though we are loathe to burst your bubble, here’s how wearing an underwire bra can affect your overall health.


Exposure to underwire metal can result in immediate health problems in two different ways, which are:

 1. cuts and punctures

When a metal underwire breaks, it can have a very sharp point or edge, which can easily poke through the surrounding fabric. Given the right timing or positioning, that sharp edge can cause serious cuts, or even penetrate deep into the skin and surrounding tissue. 

2. rashes and skin irritation 

Alternatively, if the metal of the underwire is exposed by wear and thinning of the material that surrounds it, the metal itself can cause varying degrees of skin problems. Sometimes, this is due to an allergic reaction to a metal that is in the underwire, especially if the underwire contains nickel


Even when there is no damage or breakage of the underwire, underwire bras can cause problems because of the way they fit. This is because underwire bras often fit more tightly around the breasts, and put more pressure on the breasts, THAN BRAS WITHOUT AN UNDERWIRE. For women who have recently had a mastectomy, who are nursing, or who have sensitive breasts, the pressure caused by an underwire can be uncomfortable or painful. In fact, the issue of the pressure caused by an underwire bra has created some medical myths of its own, which need to be addressed.

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